Birth_to_Earth_Pack_with_Tree_Tag.jpgEnvironmentally friendly Placenta Planting Pack.

Everything you need to keep and plant your child's placenta. The pack includes a 100% biodegradable capsule, unique illustrated keepsake book, and a permanent copper tree tag.

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Capsule onlyNo-Mess, No-fuss planting experience.

Our 100% biodegradable Placenta Planting capsule is a world-first, providing a simple solution to keeping and planting your child's placenta. The recycled cardboard capsule goes directly from freezer to the earth where it will break down naturally, nourishing the roots of your tree. Learn More



Proudly designed and made in New Zealand.

International Patent Pending PCT/NZ2009/000228

Birth Tree Meanings

Many trees have a symbolic link to different values or meanings. Click here to read more about what tree you want to plant. Learn more

Placenta Traditions

Click here to find out more on the many customs and traditions that surround the placenta. Learn more

Recent Feedback

"Thank you for an excellent product. We are both Maori and have never planted the whenua of our other 9 children, but this time we decided we would as the twins will probably be our last children. Your kit made it so easy, tidy and special. It was a wonderful experience that we will always treasure, thank you." – Liz, New Zealand.

"I love how the Birth to Earth - Placenta Planting Pack turns a practice that could make someone squeamish into a lovely celebration of your child’s birth and also honors the amazing job the Placenta has done." – Debbie Ross, Midwife.