Your Birth Tree

Girl_hugging_tree_1.jpgAll of us have memories or a connection with a tree from our childhood. Eating the fruits, swinging and climbing in their branches or playing in their shade, we are grateful for their calming presence and the important role they play in the protection of our world.

Trees are our link between Mother Earth and the sky, symbolising protection and strength. They are vital in maintaining the balance of our climate and the fragile ecosystems of our planet.

For centuries, mankind has used wood for tools, houses, toys, boats, shelter but most importantly trees have provided fire for our civilisation to evolve. Trees are our allies and all cultures have held symbolic relationships with different varieties, some of which are native to certain regions.

Trees are our future, from storing the carbon of greenhouse gases polluting our world, to nurturing animal and insect life and the medicines yet to be discovered.

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